Samahan , Samahan Powder, Samahan Tea
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Samahan , Samahan Powder, Samahan Tea
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About Samahan
Samahan , Samahan Powder, Samahan Tea Samahan is a concentrated, water soluble herbal preparation of selected medical herbs used over centuries in health care. The activities of indivibined in such a manner to proved the best effect covering a range of activities where some act as synergists, and some as bio-enhancers and natural preservatives stabilizing the product. The preventive effect of Samahan is due to the effect of the combination of 14 herbs. Samahan is most effective for analgesic, antipyretic, expectorant, and anti-inflammatory thus accounting in immediate relief.
For Healthy Life….
Samahan , Samahan Powder, Samahan Tea
Healthy living more important than economy. Our body naturally has a fixed sequential growth all through our life span, on this industrial life which we live in, it seems like we are trying and changing our own nature of living, the following factors will reflect this.
  Synthetic/Junk Food that doesn’t have any natural ingredients.
  Unprocessed Foods.
  Skipping Food products.
  Uncultured sleeping practice.
  Frequent consumption of contaminated water.
Consumption of Samahan
Samahan , Samahan Powder, Samahan Tea
  Samahan has no age limit for intake. It has been test and proven effective even for
  three years of age.
  Samahan provides a complete Health Shield if consumed daily.
  Samahan can be added with Tea, milk, Soup's or plain old method of consuming if
  with hot water.
Manufactured with Quality
Samahan , Samahan Powder, Samahan Tea
Samahan , Samahan Powder, Samahan Tea

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