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Terms and Conditions

Samahanindia makes provision for online sellers, hereafter referred to as MERCHANTS to display goods and services on Samahanindia website.
 Parties interested in purchasing displayed goods and services, hereafter referred to as SHOPPERS, may browse items on the CSM and, if required, click on an item. They will be directed to the MERCHANTS website from where they may comply with the terms and conditions contained therein and then purchase items direct from Merchants.In order to help merchants sell items, samahanindia will make available following facilities:

  • Integration: For merchants with standalone websites and likely having internal IT resources.
  • Shopping Cart: Merchants may attach the cart to their websites in order for shoppers to place items in. At checkout, because the cart is linked to:
  • samahanindia integrated cash-based payment solution, shoppers will be provided with a reference number which they may then use to pay at partnered convenience stores and pawnshops.

Acceptance of items for display does not imply samahanindia endorsement or acceptance of quality of goods or acceptability that any items purchased shall perform as described by the Merchant.
The Shopper will be bound by the terms and conditions displayed by The Merchant which govern the online sale of goods and services. Terms and conditions may also include details relating to the condition of goods and services as well as payment options and delivery options etc.
The Shopper should take all reasonable precaution to satisfy themselves that goods and services meet the required minimum standard for any particular item.
Samahanindia will make available to Merchants and Shoppers, online ordering capabilities together with appropriate cash-based payment channels.
Samahanindia accepts no liability whatsoever for goods/merchants failure… etc.
Merchants are invited to post items on the basis that goods are deemed legal for sale in the Philippines and that display shall not cause offence. Any complaints received shall result, possibly, in the item being removed from display. Repeated complaints may result in the merchant and related goods being removed from the COSM.

Merchants may display goods and services and in return are expected to provide prospective shoppers with a minimum of information: Accurate short description of item, price, number of specific item in stock etc.
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